Friday, April 15, 2011

Postal Jeeps

Dear fellow readers! Hope you all fine. At the moment I am very much happy to give you some interesting information about the Postal Jeeps. It all started with a chimera of the imagination of a person and it took the form of driving called the jeep. The person we are talking about Karl Probst and the year was the 1940th’s need jeeps in the U.S. Army. They needed a vehicle that can be replaced by two motorcyclists that they used to drive at that time. This agreement is very high and over 135 companies that have fought for her. That’s when Karl Probst a solid plan for the Jeep introduced. It covered all the requirements that the military needed at that time. The rest is history that this car is a very famous and widely used in the ear.

The first album was called jeep jeep transmission was also known as DJ. It was developed 1955th There were two models namely the DJ-5 and DJ-3A. Production began in 1956 and remained until 1964. Jeeps were seen as vehicles for recreational purposes also. DJ claimed that the lowest price car in America. It was not long before the vehicle was used for family purposes.

Postal services were much benefit from the integration of the jeeps. They used the jeep as the only vehicle is delivered mail. DJ is still used in the United States Postal Jeep. They are used for light and medium-sized mailer. There are many applications for these low-cost vehicles. Postal jeeps have gone through many changes. They have different colors and patterns.

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